A decentralized clinical trial platform built on blockchain.

Symbiotic is a decentralized clinical trial platform (DCT) built on blockchain. We are a two-sided platform connecting participants with biopharma, organic medicine manufacturers, med-tech, big tech and academic institutions.

Decentralized Clinical Trial

Why the world needs Symbiotic.

Our mission is to accelerate therapeutic medicine development globally.

Patient Centric

Consumer-centric, remote, tablet & mobile-based system.

Blockchain Enabled

Blockchain enabled cryptographic security, zero ransomware attacks.

Blockchain Engined

Built on the blockchain with integrated governance and permission controls.

decentralized clinical trial

Smart contract automated execution for Enrollment, EDC and payment cycles.

How Symbiotic works.

A remote decentralized clinical trial platform that connects individuals and enterprises.

Clinical trial design & setup

Design the most complex yet easy to use trial surveys and forms with advanced calculations and logic features.

Seamless participant enrollment

Recruit, screen, and consent research participants with an easy-to-use custom web portal.

Automated eConsents, ePRO, eCOA and Patient Monitoring

Automated consent and data capture experience from anywhere in the world.

How Sym work illustration
Data Science

Data science, data management and compliance

Clean, actionable and immutable trial data to help you through key decisions.

decentralized clinical trial

Own your health data & get rewarded

Participants can retrieve valuable health data instantly and seamlessly from 3rd party EMR systems.

decentralized clinical trial

A global decentralized clinical trial marketplace

Search for ongoing trials to participate in from any remote location.

Highly scalable decentralized clinical trial platform

A remote decentralized clinical trial platform built on blockchain.

decentralized clinical trial

Point to point encryption

We use blockchain technology as our data transaction and storage layer.

highly scalable

Highly scalable

Blockchain network nodes provide a highly scalable API layer through smart contracts.

immutable audit of data

Immutable audit of data

At each step, keep track and timestamp with blockchain enabled immutable smart contracts.

Complete Solution

The complete package

Symbiotic is a fully integrated, secure, regulatory compliant, remote monitoring, EDC, cloud-based, and distributed-ledger platform to remotely manage clinical trials.

decentralized clinical trial


Our mission is to accelerate therapeutic medicine development globally.

Harold E. Modrow, Ph.D.

Director of Life Sciences, Leidos

"It is with great pleasure that I support Symbiotic. Leidos, a $10B a year Fortune 500 Company, with over 7,500 employees worldwide, is particularly interested in partnering with Symbiotic to be one of the first companies in the world to use the platform."